Merlin's Mild

Merlin's Mild is brewed only as a seasonal mid summer speciality. It is a dark English mild ale. Merlin's has a luscious flavour of malt and ripe fruit with a hint of bittersweet, spicy chocolate in the quenching finish. Merlin's Mild is rich in flavour and complexity and drinks very full for its low alcohol (4%). Merlin's Mild assumes every role that a beverage can, somehow transforming itself to the moment and the occasion. It is a malty restorative, an aperitif and a session beer. Merlin's Mild is a beer that embodies the gentle spirit and hearty culture of the people who brewed it and those who drink it. By recreating this legend of beers, I pay homage to the people of the Black Country who loved it so. Mild Ale is a link to the past - a living relic from the roots of the old english brewing era. It has existed for at least 300 years and its past is inexorably entwined with histories of Stock, Ale, Stout and Brown Ale.

Moritz Kallmeyer - Craftbrewer
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