On a quest to establish a craft beer culture in South Africa

South Africans have a lot to learn from the world’s most jovial drinkers and their craft beer culture – the Germans. At the first sign of spring the Bavarians will hold a village festival, which is a service of blessing in the meadow, with a beer tent erected in an open field. The priest will thank God for His goodness! The snow has fallen and melted, water has laughed its way down the mountainside to the lakes and brewery wells. The valley is sprouting with clean malting barley, and the hop gardens are dense with vines ready to flower. After the service the priest and nuns sit down to taste the beer from their flock. Most brew houses have a crucifix overlooking the kettles and divine thanks set into the colourful stained-glass windows. In the beer tent the atmosphere is merry. At every oompah band chorus of Ein Prosit!, the entire community raise their mugs with the words “ hopfen und malz, Gott erhalts” (hops and malt, God preserve them) printed on them, each containing a litre of beer. By the time the verse resumes, another 1000 litres of beer will have been consumed! An amazing example of true craft beer culture.

Mission statement

Drayman's Brewery is first and foremost a venture that will strive to share and expand the spirit of fellowship and enjoyment of great beer. We want to cultivate friendships amongst entrepreneurs in small business that share common goals and hardships. We are eager to shake hands - not for the sake of "squeezing out the extra buck" but because we know that the age old principal of business success does apply: "For it is through giving that you will experience true wealth". Yes! We will be prosperous and have in abundance because the universe was created this way - we vow to remember that we are guardians, but for a short time. We pledge to educate individuals about the art of drinking gently and responsibly, thereby enhancing their health and enjoyment of life. We praise the fact that good beer, like food is a gift from God to be enjoyed - not to be abused by getting drunk.
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