Drayman's Solera Whisky

Drayman’s Solera Whisky is made from a variety of the finest imported Scotch and South African whiskies. It is skillfully blended using both aged single malt whiskies and younger blends, and then further cask matured at Drayman’s Brewery using the solera process on a very small scale. The oldest component in the blend is 18 years and the youngest 3 years. When judged by the blender as being mature, with all cask flavours fully integrated, the 4,5L casks are individually hand filled and bunged. Each 4,5L cask is specially handcrafted for Drayman’s from staves of large French oak barrels which previously matured South African red wines at a cooperage in the Cape.

The small whisky casks are newly toasted to a medium level and will keep maturing your whisky right there in your living room for tens of years! Your solera cask, being a living cask, will continuously increase in alcoholic strength because the water keeps evaporating through the wood. After about 6 months your whisky now could be enjoyed at “cask strength” or again be trimmed down to the standard 43% alc. using pure spring water. Drinking your own “cask strength” whisky is the closest you will ever get to what whisky really tastes like other than breaking into a warehouse in Scotland and opening a maturing cask.

To maintain the solera process it is advised that you top up your cask when it is half, with the finest Drayman’s Solera Whisky. If you really aspire to become a hobby solera blender yourself, you need to have at least 4 casks to establish a tier down to your final “drinking” cask. I suggest you keep one 25L, one 16L, two 9L’s plus your 4.5L final tapping cask. You can now proceed to “build” your solera whisky by filling the 25L cask with your own choice of whisky.

Nothing quite matches the pleasure of cracking open the small brass tap on your own solera whisky cask, seeing the golden nectar of the ancient alchemists flowing into your whisky glass -then savouring the rich smooth taste!

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